Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sue Scheff - Help Prevent Cyberbullying

As an adult victim of vicious cyber attacks, I continue to be a voice for others that are being harmed online. It can start with kids/tweens/teens teasing or bullying other kids. We need to help Prevent Cyberbulling. Here is some great information for many to start with.

Vanessa Van Petten continues to bring valuable information for parents with today’s teens. This week she has dedicated to helping prevent cyberbullying.

Partners for CyberBully Awareness Campaign:

Thank you to everyone who is already offered to join and spread the word about our anti-cyberbullying campaign here at On Teens Today:

Angeline of MomStyleNews

Vivien Bruss of Cool Moms Rule

Brenda Preston of Safewave

Sue Scheff of Help Your Teens

Myrna of

Tara Paterson of the Mom’s Choice Awards and Just for Mom

Karen Pease - Bullying