Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sue Scheff Founder of Parents' Universal Resource Experts (P.U.R.E.) and Author

Sue Scheff is a parent advocate who founded Parents’ Universal Resources Experts, Inc. (P.U.R.E.) in 2001 and Author. She has been featured on 20/20, The Rachel Ray Show, ABC News, Lifetime Television, CBS News, Canadian CBC Sunday News Magazine, CNN Headline News, Fox News, BBC Talk Radio, and NPR, Newsweek discussing topics of Internet defamation as well as her work helping troubled teens and their families through her organization.

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I defeated the one of the largest teen help programs (WWASPS aka Carolina Springs Academy) in both a jury trial and the Supreme Court of Appeals. I went on to win one of the largest jury verdicts of $11.3M for damages done to me on the Internet.I have fought back and won!

My book "Wit's End!" is now available.