Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sue Scheff: Alliance for Consumer Education - Helping Parents Learn More about Today's Kids

The Alliance for Consumer Education is eight years old today! Founded in 2000, ACE has achieved many goals and provided information on inhalant abuse to countless parents and educators. Have you checked out, or our Message Board? You can read the questions that others have or post one yourself.
As a parent advocate, The Alliance for Consumer Education offers valuable and priceless information for parents of teens today as well as educators to learn more about Inhalant Use - a growing silent concern that many are unaware of. Inhalant Abuse is in line with Drug Abuse, however kids are more likely to find inhalants in our homes. Learn more from ACE.
This Blog is about my legal victories which has given me a voice and platform to help both parents struggling with at risk teens and people that are being harmed in Cyberspace.